"Government Policies and the Emergence of an Ethnic Dimension in Party Systems" (Forthcoming in World Politics)

"Group Segregation and Urban Violence" (with Ravi Bhavnani, Karsten Donnay, Dan Miodownik, and Dirk Helbing), American Journal of Political Science 58: 226-45 (2014).

  • Winner of the AJPS Best Article Award 2014


"Introduction" (with Dan Miodownik, Oren Barak, and Omer Yair), In Nonstate Actors in Intrastate Conflicts, edited by Dan Miodownik and Oren Barak. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press (2013).

Research in Progress

  • "Testing Hypotheses from Modernization Theory about Nationalism"

  • "Economic Development, Electoral Reforms, and Unequal Representation in the Long
    19th Century" (with Carles Boix)

  • "Thinking about Districts" (with Orit Kedar)