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Mor, Maayan. 2022. "Government Policies, New Voter Coalitions, and the Emergence of Ethnic Dimension in Party Systems." World Politics 74(1): 121-66. [Paper][Supplementary Materials]

Bhavnani, Ravi, Karsten Donnay, Dan Miodownik, Maayan Mor, and Dirk Helbing. 2014. "Group Segregation and Urban Violence." American Journal of Political Science 58(1): 226-45. [Paper][Supplementary Materials]

  • Winner of the AJPS Best Article Award 2014

Papers in Progress

Mor, Maayan and Carles Boix. "Social Democracy and the Birth of Working-Class Representation in Europe"

(R&R at World Politics) [Abstract]


Mor, Maayan. "Cleavage Theory and the Formation of European Party Systems" [Abstract]

Mor, Maayan. "Does the Timing of Industrialization Affect the Nationalization of Party Systems?"

Mor, Maayan. "Is Ethnicity Easier To Mobilize Than Social Class?"

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